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Welcome to Ohio Buddhist Vihara

Our temple serves anyone interested in studying and practicing Buddhism. Using the original doctrines and practices taught by the Buddha 2500 years ago, we follow and practice the oldest version of the Buddha's teaching in the Theravada tradition. The resident monks come from Sri Lanka where the Buddha's Complete Canon was first written down from an oral tradition.

Ohio Buddhist Vihara was most kindly donated by Shanthini Wijay in the memory of her parents, Mr. and Mrs Shelton Jayasinghe. With the compassionate aspiration to share the Buddhist doctrines with human beings throughout the world. In this endeavor, as a gratitude to her parents Ms Wijay had previously donated three other temples: (Florida Buddhist Vihara, Georgia Buddhist Vihara and Nevada Buddhist Vihara)

We are grateful for her unending kindness to all beings.


Ohio Buddhist Vihara - 1831 Miles Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45231. USA.